BTS Jin is now the talk of the town after the group drops their new Film Out music video. The singer-songwriter took the lead, playing the main character of the story and showing his acting prowess.

As he starts to trend worldwide because of this, get to know more of the fan-favorite BTS member. From his acting degree to singing abilities and, not to mention, handsome looks, here's everything to know about Jin.

A Professional Actor

Did you know Jin is a professional actor? He is the only BTS member who has an acting degree from one of the most comprehensive private schools in South Korea, Konkuk, before joining Big Hit Entertainment.

He managed to pass the audition with more than 2,000 people and became the student who rarely passed the acting exams, All Kpop noted. 

Incredible Vocal Powers

Of course, Jin will not be part of BTS for nothing. He has great vocal power, having the widest range and receiving the most critical acclaims.

He possesses a unique singing style and vocal color, making him stand out among the rest of the group. No wonder he's the one who sings songs with the highest notes. He can even belt out in a female register.

A Total Performer

V is now looking forward to returning on stage and performing for ARMY as a total performer himself. More than a year since in-person concerts have stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he now misses performing live.

In an appearance on tvN's You Quiz on the Block, he said the first thing he would do when the pandemic is over is to go on stage and perform for the ARMYs. He would like to sing "Mirokosmos," which was part of their 2019 album Map of the Soul: Persona, per Cheat Sheet.

The Golden Ratio, Visual King

Fans believe Jin has the Golden Ratio when it comes to his good looks. A plastic surgeon analyzed his face, saying he has the perfect one with 1:1.618, which is the distance ratio between his ears, and hairline and chin.

Anyhow, he will never be called the Visual King to no purpose. He has more than 50 nicknames because of his beauty.

There is multiple independent scientific research naming him as the most beautiful man in Asia, having the perfect face in the world. Jin has been called the Car Door Guy for getting out of a car in his full stunning glory. He is also named the Worldwide Handsome. 

What name do you have for BTS Jin? Share your comments below.