Boruto Episode 193 will center on the Konoha Village and Five Kage's reaction to Kawaki. Naruto is willing to keep Kawaki from everyone looking for him, but is he ready for its consequences?

Kawaki, reportedly, possesses great power and some of the most influential people want him, like Kara. The organization will do everything to have him back, so will it make its move in Boruto Episode 193?

Kawaki has a strange seal on the palm of his hand, called Karma. Kara calls him "The Vessel," and with his abilities, the Five Kage discusses how to deal with him.

Naruto takes the responsibility to look after him, even if it means he has to bring him home. The Konahagukure Village agrees to keep him in custody, though the boy himself remains to be aloof to everyone.

According to BlockToro, he refuses to say anything about him, his feelings, and even his name. So, Naruto can't help but be worried for him in Boruto Episode 193.

Kawaki will then get into a fight with Boruto, and there will be a face-to-face between the two. This will result in an intense tension between them that will linger for a little while. 

In the new episode preview, it is pretty unavoidable for the Konoha Village to be worried about keeping Kawaki, knowing the dangers surrounding the kid. There is no way for Kara to remain mum about him staying on Naruto's side.

The organization will surely move to get him back one way or another in Boruto Episode 193. As Naruto swears to keep him under his watch, the boy runs away.

The clip ends with a surprised Boruto, seeing him in the same room as him. The two are forced to live together now that Naruto looks after Kawaki.

In Boruto Episode 192, everything began with a flashback of young Kawaki cutting logs in the forest. He was selling woods to local villages to earn a living, International Business Times noted.

He was already working hard at the young age to make ends meet but found it hard to do so because of the recession. The previous episode revealed his father was a respectable Shinobi, but he used all the money his kid earned to buy himself alcoholic drinks.

He also mistreated his son and gave him a miserable life. Jigen then suddenly appeared and proposed to his father, giving him a large amount of money in exchange for Kawaki.

He gladly accepted, and Jigen told Kawaki his life was about to change. Now that Kawaki is under Naruto's wings, what happens next can be seen in the release of Boruto Episode 193 on Sunday, April 4, at 2 a.m. Pacific Time, per HITC.

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