Fans seem to dislike how Attack on Titan Chapter 139 ends, based on the spoilers. The leaks take fans into a frenzy, causing an uproar due to being similar to the Game of Thrones finale.

Fans have been worried that Hajime Isayama will give Attack on Titan Chapter 139 an ending that will be like Game of Thrones. Though the leaks remain to be unconfirmed, they already accepted it as the actual conclusion.

According to BlockToro, the manga and anime followers alike are sad to see how the series will possibly end. Some say the mangaka creates the finale in a "bad way" that it becomes worse than the hit HBO series.

The final chapter serves as the manga's make or break, and some believe it has ruined a great storyline. With the fandom's disappointment, it looks like Isayama's name as the greatest mangaka of all time is about to change.

It's pretty expected that not everyone will be pleased with Attack on Titan Chapter 139's ending, but its followers hope it will be, at least, satisfying. Just like how Game of Thrones Season 8 began, the manga's last few chapters' storyline seems to go in the wrong direction.

Fans found the manga's ending similar to a fairy tale story that ends happily ever after. Though there's nothing wrong with it, Hajime and his masterpiece have been known for its brutal and dark theme that a feel-good conclusion is not fitting.

Comicbook added there's a debate if the manga should end with a happy note. Fans have been following the series for more than 11 years.

It's not only one of Japan's most successful series; it's also one of the most "ambitious manga on the market." With its number of readers worldwide, many are eyeing Attack on Titan Chapter 139 to have a fitting finale.

Fans expect it to stick to its original dark fantasy theme. Though it doesn't need to have a happy ending, some still want their fan-favorite characters to survive and win.

In the leaked finale chapter, Eren and Armin talk in the Paths. They fight, and this time, Armin wins.

They fall and look at the water before they hug and bid their final goodbye in Attack on Titan Chapter 139. When he wakes up, he sees a crying Mikasa and comforts her.

All the pure Titans return to their human forms. The curse is gone, and everyone turns out to be okay. Levi will see Hange and other dead scouts while Jean and Connie sights Sasha.

Armin handles the series last problem, while Mikasa takes the lead. She takes everyone to the Fort, and from here, the manga ends.

Attack on Titan Chapter 139 will officially conclude on Friday, April 9.

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