BTS recently cleaned its Twitter account and unfollowed a number of people, including Jason Derulo. Fans seemed to celebrate this long-awaited move after the controversy about the singer-songwriter emerged last year for not giving the famed K-pop band proper credits.

BTS and Derulo collaborated for the remix of the hit song "Savage Love." The track indeed became a huge hit, but it looked like the Cats star didn't acknowledge RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook's part in it.

Fans' Reaction On Unfollowing Jason Derulo

So, when the group removed Derulo from the list of people they followed, fans couldn't help but make several memes about it. The singer once again trended on Twitter, though for a surprising reason.

In the tweets compiled by Koreaboo, some said Derulo would probably wake up in the morning surprised that he was trending, not realizing BTS had unfollowed him. One fan called the day "beautiful" after BTS made the move.


Another Twitter user made fun of their song, saying unfollowing Derulo was called "savage love," alluding to their collaboration song. Lastly, they warned his career would be now falling after BTS stopped following him.

Putting Jason Derulo Under Fire

Derulo went under fire after ARMY got mad for not giving BTS the proper credit they deserved for making the "Savage Love" remix a big hit. Pink Villa noted the 31-year-old performer celebrated the song's success, topping Hot 100's list without mentioning the group.

It was his first time to enter the chart in 11 years, and many believed BTS had something to do with it. In a video he posted on Instagram, he tagged several people as celebrated the victory but never the boys.

The 'Clout Chasing' Accuse

Cheat Sheet added Derulo seemed to show that he only cared about the group's fame when he told Ellen DeGeneres on her eponymous show that they were the ones who came up to him. He alleged the boys told him how much they appreciated his work.

Though he found the praise excellent, Derulo claimed he didn't know BTS back then yet. Anyhow, they managed to get his attention when BTS won a fan-voted award against Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

From here, ARMY started accusing Derulo of "clout chasing." A Reddit user explained Derulo showed he didn't know BTS until they won the best fandom over Western performers, making him realized how famous they were and decided to collaborate with them.

Though Derulo tried to do some damage control, making another Tweet mentioning BTS, it was already too late. The #JasonDeruloIsOverParty hashtag started trending on Twitter, and the ARMY was starting to cancel him.

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