There are a lot of theories surrounding the coming Boruto Chapter 57. As many believe it will center on Code as the new villain, some claim it may also feature the looming great ninja war.

Fans start to assume Boruto Chapter 57 may take a different direction now that everyone begins to doubt Boruto. After his connection to the Momoshiki emerged, can Konoha and other villages still trust Boruto?

According to BlockToro, there are assumptions other villages will get a Shinobi to watch Boruto's every move. They now think he is too dangerous after what happened during the Isshiki battle.

Many villagers don't really like Konoha, knowing it homes too many powerful ninjas. Hence, the new chapter may feature a meeting at one of the villages to talk about Boruto.

As Naruto and Sasuke seem to be powerless today without their Kurama and Rinnegan, the enemies may easily catch Boruto and Kawaki. This may lead to the start of a great ninja war in Boruto Chapter 57.

On the other hand, TV Season Spoilers claimed the Five Kage would try to kill Boruto to save everybody. This may finally answer the longstanding question about Boruto's eye scar.

Anyhow, the new chapter may still touch on Code and his mission to fulfill Isshiki's will. He will get the help of the strongest Cyborg, Eida, who is much powerful than Jigen.

Boruto Chapter 56 ended by teasing how strong Code's power and ability are. The previous chapter also showed how Boruto tried to kill the enemies after storming Boro's old haunting grounds to no avail.

He only killed a couple of guards, but he didn't find Eida. Knowing Eida is far more potent than him, Jigen ordered for her destruction, per Devdiscourse.

However, Boro saved her, and she is now waiting for her next mission. Code knew she could be very beneficial in his next move.

So, in Boruto Chapter 57, Boruto and Kawaki don't only have Code as their enemy. They also have to face a powerful cyborg in Eida.

In less than ten days, fans will finally see what will happen next as the new chapter drops on Tuesday, April 20. The manga raw scans, alternatively, will be out two to three days before the official release date comes.

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