Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, and the only daughter of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, has not made a public appearance since her father's death. However, she will likely wear a different outfit than traditional mourning clothes during the funeral to give utmost honor to the Duke of Edinburgh.

According to reports, Anne might don a military uniform to honor her father, a Navy official, unlike the other female members of the royal family. While Anne never served in the military, unlike her brothers Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, she has an honorary and ceremonial title as a Rear Admiral.

In 2002, when the Queen Mother died, Princess Anne wore her military uniform. She and her siblings chose to honor their grandmother in military garb even if this was not a state funeral. Philip is not getting a state funeral as well but if traditions were to go by, royal watchers can expect to see the Princess Royal in her uniform during the ceremonial rites.

Andrew is not expected to wear his military uniform because he has resigned from his royal duties, including his military honors. Prince Edward, on the other hand, will not wear a military uniform since he has not finished any military training or assignment in his younger years.

Meanwhile, two days after the death of Philip, Anne issued a personal statement that was posted on the Royal Family Instagram. The Princess Royal said that as much as they know this death was inevitable, they can never really prepare to lose someone they love.

Anne also hailed her father as her "teacher, supporter and critic." She also said that he was a great example of "a life well lived" as a man of service. The princess also said that it will be her honor to follow in her father's footsteps.

Some royal experts said that Anne was her father's favorite child as they share a lot of similar traits, habits, likes and dislikes, especially the love of horse carriage riding. In the Netflix series, The Crown, it was hinted that Philip favored Anne more than his sons.

When Anne was born, Philip told everyone that his daughter is the sweetest girl. While her parents were always busy with their royal duties, Anne never took this against them because she understands, from an early age, what her father and mother meant to the United Kingdom.

The Princess Royal has always looked up to her parents for her work commitments. Because of this, Princess Anne has been one of the hardest-working royals and could easily cover over 500 engagements in a year even without media mileage.