Fans are about to see another Gundam movie with Reconguista In G. A Road Show will honor the third and final part of the movie series, directed and written by the franchise creator himself, Yoshinori Tomino.

The new Gundam movie is said to have similarities with the upcoming anime film, Hathaway's Flash, which mostly centers on Hathaway. As it will put the series to a close, what can fans expect to see here?

The upcoming movie's official Twitter account announced the news, along with its other details and Tomino's return to the director's seat. He, too, is set to write the film, so you can expect it to be close to its original story.

The film series features the end of the fabled Universal Century after a millennium in the year Regild Century 1014. According to Comicbook, the legends Amuro Ray and Char Aznable used to rule the battlefield as ace mobile suit pilots back then.

The Earth has been abandoned as humanity chooses to live in space colonies and the moon's surface. Capital Guard Academy student Bellri Zenam's life dramatically changes after the capture of pirate pilot Aida Surugan and her mobile suit G-Self.

From here, the Gundam adventure begins. Fans will once again see giants, robots, and everything in between in the franchise's return.

Famed filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts will direct and produce the movie for Legendary and Netflix, Variety noted. Comic book writer Brian K. Vaughan also joins the project to write the screenplay and as an executive producer.

Caley Boyter will oversee the film, along with Sunrise, the Japanese animation studio handling the franchise. Legendary, in addition, will distribute the movie in theaters in China.

News about Legendary working with Sunrise for the Gundam movie was first revealed in 2018, per The Verge. There is no new update about the said project until today, though, aside from its working title.

Netflix, too, has yet to give any details about the upcoming film, either about its cast or plot. Anyhow, it can't be denied that the movie has a perfect combination of studio, director, and of course, subject.

Tomino's Gundam franchise started in 1979. It was initially struggling to gain traction back then. But when the '80s came, it quickly rose to prominence and gave life to different adaptations, from films to novels to manga to toys to video games and more. The movie is set to be out on July 22.

What do you expect to see from this new Gundam movie from Tomino? Share your comments below.