Gong Yoo is set to play the role of the former intelligence agent Ki Heon in the upcoming sci-fi movie, Seobok. The actor stars in the film alongside Park Bo Gum, who plays the titular character -- the first human clone created in the world.

Gong Yoo's Ki Heon is tasked to protect Seobok and must secure transportation against the evil forces who wanted to steal the clone for themselves. In a recent interview, the actor discussed the upcoming movie, as well as working with Park Bo Gum.

Since the sci-fi film revolved around life and death, the actor admitted that it made him think and wonder about a problem and how he's going to participate in that particular problem. He added that he deemed the project as "homework" and even refused to star in it once.

Gong Yoo said the story of Seobok is too big for him to portray. Yet, his decision has changed when he was called again and met with director Lee Yong Joo for further details. Then, the actor went on to discuss working with his co-star, Park Bo Gum, whom he described as a "very honest and upright person".

He said that in the movie, his co-star's eyes were unlike him and he has shown something that he hasn't shown before. He also commented that the film will help Park Bo Gum "expand the spectrum of new projects and characters" when he returns from the army.

The actor continued that his co-star does not reveal his difficulties and does not complain when things get hard. He also shared that he received an unexpected phone call from him and told him that he's excited that Seobok is being released that they'll be holding a press conference.

Gong Yoo admitted that he didn't know he would work with Park Bo Gum, noting that this is the first time he's leading a movie with a junior actor. He said he often worked with senior actors in the past and hoping that viewers will be entertained and will like their teamwork.

The actor also swears a lot in the film and revealed it's his first time swearing in a project. He said that the role was refreshing and explained that people tend to curse in emergencies. He added that it was "nice to curse freely" and felt the "restrictions were being lifted."

Meanwhile, 2021 marks the 20th year acting career of Gong Yoo, and in regards to that, he said that he does not count how many years he worked. He found out that it has been 20 years since he debuted from his fans and viewers.

Seobok is arriving on April 15 in both theaters and CJ ENM's OTT streaming platform TVing.