A woman who works as a lawyer has filed a petition at the Haryana High Court in Punjab, India, to arrest Prince Harry in the United Kingdom because he failed to marry her.

Palwinder Kaur said that Prince Harry promised marriage to her via social media and that they have been in touch for quite some time. The woman also said that she informed Prince Charles of their engagement through a letter. Now, she wants authorities to issue an international arrest warrant against the Duke of Sussex so that they can finally get married.

But the courts, under Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan, have rejected Kaur's plea and called her claims a daydreamer's fantasy. Further investigations revealed that the prince Kaur corresponded with was from an internet cafe in Punjab.

The courts partly ruled that Kaur had been a victim of catfishing. Judge Sangwan asked Kaur about the nature of her relationship with Harry. The woman said she has never met the duke in person and she has not been to the United Kingdom in her life. The court told the woman that there are fake profiles on social media, and she had no proof that an actual conversation with real Harry took place online.

However, the petition in itself was flawed as the woman wanted to sue "Prince Harry Middleton," the son of "Prince Charles Middleton." She also sought help from the "United Kingdom Police Cell" for Harry's apprehension.

Harry received strange proposals in the past. In 2016, a six-year-old fan personally told the Duke of Sussex that she wants to marry him, but Harry told her, in a sweet way, that it's likely not what she wants when she's older and that she has been reading a lot of fairy tale books.

A year before his encounter with the little girl, Harry also received a marriage proposal in Australia. A woman had been trying to catch his attention by wearing a plastic crown as he walked by a crowd of people at the Sydney Opera House. The Duke of Sussex politely rejected her proposal, but she was still able to kiss the royal on the lips.

But as the world knows, Prince Harry did get married in 2018 to Hollywood TV actress Meghan Markle. The couple has a son, born in 2019, and are now expecting their second child, a daughter, in June. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been based in California since March 2020, when they gave up their royal duties.