BLACKPINK fans and supporters are anxiously waiting for the members' music releases this year. Following the success of Rosé's debut as a solo artist, the public is now looking forward to Lisa's solo album.

While YG Entertainment has yet to release an official announcement, Harper's Bazaar Thailand dropped a confirmation about the Thai artist's upcoming track collection. On Instagram, they shared that the solo album will arrive this June.

Koreaboo said that the shocking reveal came through a caption, which the magazine penned for the uploaded photo of Lisa. As translated, they urged the public to "get ready" for Lisa's solo debut in June.

The details remain scarce as the BLACKPINK member, alongside their label, has yet to share any information. But, speculations have continued to develop among the fandom on various social media channels.

One of the most apparent rumors is about a collaboration between Lisa and DJ SnakeMea World Wide reported that this all came after the "Taki Taki" artist teased netizens on social media.

Earlier this week, some netizens took the time to ask the French DJ whether he is working with the K-Pop idol for a music project. DJ Snake replied without any hesitation, saying that they "have something," followed by a "shush" emoji.

Rumors involving DJ Snake and BLACKPINK first came into light earlier in 2019, when the former posted a photo on Twitter. It features him, alongside the four K-Pop idols, with the caption "Dj Snake & Black Pink in your area" (sic).

Netizens have since speculated that they are likely collaborating for future projects. But, it was not until recently when the record producer publicly hinted and teased a potential project with the South Korean idols.

Meanwhile, BLINKs and avid Lisa fans are seemingly positive that the maknae of the group will "break records" with her upcoming solo debut. Many individuals believe that she will "rule the summer," according to a separate report from Mea World Wide.

While things are still kept under the wraps, the BLACKPINK rapper dropped a few hints about her solo project earlier this month. In one of her virtual engagements for the 0327 photobook, she stated that the solo album is "coming soon."

In other related news, there are, also, several talks about the group's comeback later this year. As claimed, the quarter will, reportedly, release a mini-album in October. Although YG Entertainment has yet to confirm the assertions, more details will likely emerge in the next few weeks.