Queen Elizabeth did not have a celebration for her 95th birthday. Instead, she was seen in Windsor driving out to take her two dogs for a walk on her favorite spot.

According to reports, Her Majesty was spotted leaving Windsor Castle in a green Jaguar with the dogs in the car. Sources, however, said that she did meet with some family members and the royal aides within her bubble for a low-key get-together for her birthday early that day. Similar to last year, when the pandemic struck, Her Majesty also canceled the gun salutes that traditionally marked her birthday since she felt it was inappropriate.

The queen also released a message on the Royal Family's official social media accounts to thank the public for their well-wishes and comfort at a sad time since the death of her husband, Prince Philip. Traditionally, Buckingham Palace would release a birthday photo of Queen Elizabeth but there was nothing of this sort this year as Prince Philip was laid to rest a few days ago.

Sources said that her grandson, Prince Harry, was able to talk to her in two instances before he left for the United States. The Duke of Sussex said that his brief return home to London was family-focused and while he had chances to speak to his family, their personal issues have not been completely resolved.

Meanwhile, The Sun reported that the queen's two new corgi puppies were a special gift from the Duke of York as he felt his mother needed company while his father was in the hospital. One of the pups was originally named Charles but Queen Elizabeth now calls them Muick and Fergus.

Palace aides were surprised by the pups since the queen has said before that she didn't want new dogs because no one will take care of them anymore when she passes on. The queen takes Muick and Fergus on daily walks at the Windsor grounds and was actually up on a stroll with her four-legged friends on the morning of Philip's funeral.

Queen Elizabeth is expected to return to royal work as soon as possible. Though she is still in mourning, Her Majesty would not want to disregard her duties to the public. As it is, her grandchildren Prince William and Kate Middleton have resumed their royal engagements this week with her permission.