BTS previously revealed that Jimin and V are the members who are "most likely to argue." But, while they have had several misunderstandings and arguments, the two K-Pop idols share a very close friendship.

They have known each other even before they joined Big Hit Entertainment as trainees. As it happened, they were schoolmates during their high school years.

Over the years, their friendship-turned-brotherhood has grown significantly, making them some of the closest members of the group. But, despite this, Jimin shared that there are a few things about V that he envies the most.

Koreaboo said that the "Filter" singer shared his confession in an interview for Playback BTS Episode 15. He was asked about the things he envies the most about his co-member, a question, which he did not refuse to answer.

Jimin said that he envies V for the size of his hands. He explained that his groupmate has "large hands," adding that his are very small.

He continued that holding a microphone has become challenging for him because of this. Accordingly, he is seemingly jealous of V all because of the inconvenience.

On a more serious note, though, the BTS vocalist said that V has a "pure heart." He is, reportedly, "able to express himself as much as he wants without being conscious about it." Jimin, then, said that he envies people like this since he was young.

Jimin has not refused to talk about his friendship with V. In the past, the seven members of BTS were given "turns" to praise their co-members.

Pinkvilla said that the "promise" singer showered V with compliments during the segment, adding that he even revealed what made them "best friends." He initially joked about the "Winter Bear" singer's visuals.

After stating that the only thing he could say about V is that he is "handsome," he provided a more serious thought about his best friend. Jimin asserted that the "Still With You" singer has "this innocence in him that makes him lovable."

He is, reportedly, "loved by so many," and this trait has seemingly enabled them to become best friends. Jimin concluded that this personality has allowed V to provide his friendship to him.

With the level of closeness that they have, it is not surprising that they do several things together, including even writing songs and creating music. Cheat Sheet recalled that V and Jimin previously teamed up for a "subunit" within BTS.

This took place during their Map of the Soul: 7 era, wherein they dropped their duet track, "Friends." As reported, the single "dives into the relationship" of V and Jimin, proving that there is no animosity between them despite all their fights and arguments.