Magnum P.I. season 3 finale is coming this weekend on CBS. Titled "Bloodline," the crime-action drama will further explore Thomas Magnum's (Jay Hernandez) real feelings for his partner, Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks). The two have been working together over the past years, but there are several questions regarding their relationship -- particularly whether it could turn into something romantic.

Magnum P.I. season 3 finale will likely bring a major change for both Magnum and Higgins. The latter, in particular, may decide to leave and live somewhere else with her current beau, Dr. Ethan Shah (Jay Ali). Her boyfriend is going on Doctors Without Borders trip, and he asked her to be with him as this could open new opportunities for them.

However, that only means she has to leave the island, as well as her partner. Thus, Higgins needs to make a huge decision -- whether to stay and continue working with Magnum or choose to go with Ethan to live in the different part of the world. But, it looks like the titular character does not want his partner to choose the latter since he may feel something more for her -- yet he couldn't admit it.

In the promo of Magnum P.I. season 3 finale, Magnum claimed that he and Higgins are just "business partners" and not more than friends. He also told his partner at the end of the clip that she should "follow her heart," likely referring to Ethan's trip. Perhaps, this is where the titular character will sort his feelings out towards her and may stop her from leaving the island.

The two have been on a lot of missions and risked their lives in the process -- making their bond even stronger. Magnum may realize what Higgins is really to him, prompting him to confess his real feelings. While he is no vocal about what's running on his mind, there have been hints that he is jealous of Ethan. This could be the driving force for him to make some move on his partner.

Aside from exploring their potential relationship, Magnum P.I. season 3 finale also sees Magnum and Higgins going on a new mission. This time, the case they have to take on involves a stalker, and it could leave a cliffhanger involving the two. The series will bring more action-packed scenes, as well as interesting storylines in the next batch of episodes.

Magnum P.I. season 3 finale airs on Friday, May 7, on CBS. The good news is that there is no need to worry about the future of the crime-action drama as CBS already renewed season 4 on April 15, 2021.