Prince Charles has been sending thank you letters to the public who have written their messages of sympathy to the royal family after the death of his father, Prince Philip. In the thank you note, the Prince of Wales attached a rare photo from his childhood, which was taken during a boat ride between the father and son.

One of the recipients of the thank you letter posted the photo on social media, who also encouraged those you have yet to write the royal family to send their condolences in their own time. Prince Charles accepts the letter via his Clarence House address in London while the public may also write Queen Elizabeth or their other children, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

According to Hello, Anne has also been sending out her thank you cards to the public. Both Charles and Anne's thank you notes have black-lined borders, which is the protocol for mourning members of the royal family.

Charles was the first of his siblings to come out in public after the announcement of Philip's death. He had a video to thank the people who have been giving out their tributes to the Duke of Edinburgh. He said that it's overwhelming to see just how much his father was treasured.

Anne, on the other hand, released a statement to say that while it was inevitable for death to happen, she was never quite ready to lose her father. Philip was 99 years old when he passed away and was in the hospital for a month before he died.

Meanwhile, even as they are still in mourning for the significant loss of the royal family patriarch, both Charles and Anne have resumed their royal duties, as did the queen. Charles was the first to raise funds for India's COVID-19 crisis through the British Asian Trust. The Prince of Wales' foundation donated 1.5 million pounds for oxygen concentrators.

Prince Charles also made a personal contribution to the fundraiser, according to royal correspondent Richard Palmer. The royal then wrote a message for the people of India, saying that he's "saddened by the tragic images" he has seen in the latest reports of COVID-19 struggles in the South Asian country. The future king has also called on other world leaders to help India, whose deaths due to the virus have surged to more than 3,000 deaths and 390,000 cases in one day.