The most favorite K-pop idols have been through a lot of intense training and it includes not dating. Many fans are dreaming to go out with their favorite K-pop stars, but several personalities suggest it is not ideal.

Sure, your favorite K-pop stars seem to be the ideal boyfriend/girlfriend, but there is something deeper when it comes to love and relationship more than their looks and talents. Here is what YouTuber Jina Kim, former idol Coco, and ex-JYP entertainment trainee Gina Maeng have to say about that.

Jina revealed, via Koreaboo, to her friend KyungHa that she used to be in a relationship with a mysterious K-pop idol for a year and warned others of her experience. She intentionally didn't reveal his identity to protect his image and career.

Though he's pretty nice, they had to keep their romance a secret. Jina even had to hide her real stand in his life. The mysterious guy even tried to hide his real identity from her, saying he's just working and not training for a big company.

Jina was happy when he debuted, but she couldn't help but worry about their relationship due to the number of rules they had to follow. After being pleased in the first few months, her ex-boyfriend started to get very busy.

He had to go on tours and practice every day, so they ended up seeing each other only twice a month. He also started not prioritizing their relationship, choosing to meet his friends than her.

Jina added they couldn't see each other due to his fears that paparazzi or fans would see them. There's even a point that he recycled fans' gifts to give her. In the end, the guy broke up with him as the agency wanted him to.

Meanwhile, Coco and Gina revealed K-pop idols were all dating, and they're just good at hiding. They continuously spilled more tea, adding others date multiple personalities even from the same group.

Gina cleared, however, that they're the only company these idols have, knowing they live in the same world. They're just like college students who date their classmates, so it only makes sense that idols date fellow idols, especially they have a lot of common when it comes to lifestyle and career.

Blackpink, Twice, and BTS have revealed before what it takes to be idol trainees, per SCMP. Despite the fame and wealth, there're several things that they can't do, following South Korea's entertainment agencies' demands.

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