Prince Harry has a new mental health series debuting this summer, which he has been working on with Oprah Winfrey. The TV show host confirmed that the show will finally launch on the streaming platform, Apple TV Plus, after nearly two years of production.

Winfrey revealed in The Drew Barrymore Show that her program with the Duke of Sussex will be debuting in late Mayon the new streamer. She said that this show is going to be significant to people who are struggling with mental health issues.

But according to the reports, Prince Harry and Winfrey's series will tackle mental illness and wellness that will inspire viewers to discuss their struggles openly. The show itself will serve as a guide and tool to help people troubled with mental anguish to survive and thrive.

Harry said that his mental health show with Winfrey marries facts and science to raise awareness on a very common health concern. The duke said that he hopes for the show to shine the light on the positive and inspiring aspects of humans fighting back against their darkest fears and challenges.

Winfrey also revealed that they have tapped U.S. psychologist Dr. Bruce Perry to become part of their series for their work in the last two years. The TV host said that she first met Perry for an interview years ago and they've been friends since.

It's not the first time Winfrey has discussed her mental health TV series with Harry. She broached this topic as she interviewed Harry and Meghan Markle for their tell-all on national television after they left the royal family.

Incidentally, the couple revealed that one of the reasons they left the royal fold was due to the impact of the royal spotlight on their mental wellbeing. Meghan confessed to Winfrey that she was almost suicidal and was not extended any help from the palace.

However, some royal observers trumped down on the duchess' claims since her husband has access to professionals or experts as a long-time supporter of mental health charities. He has also been working on this series with Winfrey, as well, which means that he could easily get referrals from Dr. Perry for his wife to talk to someone.

Members of the royal family also see therapists, including Harry. In 2017, the Duke of Sussex said that he has been going through counseling to resolve his issues and emotional baggage after his mother's death as he was also nearing a breakdown.

Meanwhile, Apple TV Plus has yet to make an official announcement on the exact release date and title of Prince Harry and Winfrey's new show.