An interesting detail about the diplomatic passport of Prince Harry has sparked a conversation on social media as his status could apparently have some implications in his marriage to Meghan Markle if they decide to get a divorce in the United States.

According to reports, the Duke of Sussex's diplomatic passport will protect him from being subjected to a legal proceeding in the U.S., including a divorce proceeding. So, if Markle were to divorce Prince Harry in America, the State Department will, allegedly, immediately suspend the proceeding.

This means that Meghan could only divorce her husband "where his diplomatic immunity does not apply," which is in London. The discovery raised questions from royal biographer Angela Levin if Meghan knew of the implications of her husband's passport.

However, a follower of Levin's Twitter account stated that diplomatic immunity applies only to criminal proceedings, not civil proceedings like a divorce. The discussion went on to probe what exactly is Harry's citizenship or visa status in the U.S.

According to reports, Harry could stay in the U.S. for over a year without permanent American citizenship because he most likely secured an A1 visa, which is issued to diplomats and government officials. This will allow Harry to stay longer without applying for a green card or obtaining dual citizenship.

The source said that Harry, who will be married for three years to Meghan this May, has no plans to pursue becoming a permanent U.S. resident just yet. If he has to apply for citizenship, he will need to renounce his titles and nobility but several royal experts do not think he will go this route.

However, Levin believes that Harry must pursue becoming an American citizen if absolute freedom is what he desires. In an interview with Daily Express, Levin said Harry would be more effective in discussing his advocacies in the U.S. if he's not seen and be misjudged as a royal. He could then freely express his opinions without the press linking his statements to how it will impact the royal family. The duke could also pursue other lucrative deals that will not create a backlash.

Royal podcasters Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito of Royally Obsessed also think that Harry may prefer to become a U.S. citizen because his mother had considered changing citizenship before. Princess Diana was ready to uproot to the U.S. months prior to her untimely death and was in talks to purchase a house in Malibu. Her former butler and confidante, Paul Burrell, confirmed that this was indeed the Princess of Wales's plan.