Prince Harry might pull out of the event for his mother, Princess Diana, this July because of the frosty reception he received from the royal family during his brief return for Prince Philip's funeral.

Royal expert Russel Myers speculates that the Duke of Sussex might make the birth of his second baby with Meghan Markle as an excuse not to come back to London for the unveiling of his mother's statue in Kensington Palace. Myers said, via a talkRadio program, that Prince Harry was shocked by the cold reception so he's dreading having to face them again for the event tentatively set in July.

Harry and his brother, Prince William, have been working on their mother's statue for Kensington Palace for several years and it would finally be ready for the public unveiling on the late princess' 60th birthday on July 1. This was one of the last projects the brothers have been collaborating together before the Duke of Sussex decided to go on a different path as the Duke of Cambridge. The two even approved the final design of the sculpture recently and have signed off on displaying their mother's wedding gown for another event.

But Myers also said that Harry and William are still committed to seeing this project through to the very end. Sources told the royal expert that, as far as they are aware, Harry has intentions of joining William and his wife, Kate Middleton, for the unveiling. It's unclear, however, Harry is bringing his son along or if Markle will also be at the event.

It comes amid reports that Harry's relationship with the royal family has broken down further due to a lack of trust. Apparently, some of them are concerned that the Duke of Sussex has been leaking information to the press so soon after he returned to California, now his home since March 2020.

According to sources, whatever discussions planned between Harry, William and their father, Prince Charles, could not take place progressively because of these leaks from the Sussex camp. However, royal correspondent Omid Scobie said that the family could not discuss their issue because the focus was on the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral during Harry's return.

Scobie also said that Charles left for Wales the day after Philip was buried, leaving little chances for Harry to sit down with his father. They did, however, have a brief talk following the funeral service. It was a small step for the family to heal their rift after Prince Harry confessed to Oprah Winfrey that he's disappointed in his father.