Meghan Markle is not expected to return to the United Kingdom anytime soon and could skip the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue at Kensington Palace this summer. Royal courtiers could be relieved if she's not joining Prince Harry since they have concerns that she will be booed if she makes a public appearance in London.

Royal commentator Dan Wooton said that palace staff members informed him of their "genuine concerns" about Meghan Markle if she attends an event in Britain. This is because the Duchess of Sussex's popularity has plunged among the British people following her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Wooton said that Meghan's presence might also hamper the reconciliation between Harry and Prince William. Royal courtiers said that it might be better to just have the brothers together to dispense any tension that may arise amid their troubled relationship.

The brothers, however, were able to set aside their differences during Harry's brief return for the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip, on April 17. They could do the same again for the sake of their mother's special honor in July, which both have been planning for many years.

Meghan, however, might have an excuse to skip the statue's unveiling since she could be tending to her newborn baby daughter by this time. She also couldn't join her husband for the funeral since she was advised by her doctor to stay put in California and not risk her health, as well as the baby.

But Harry might also decide not to attend the event, according to royal commentator Charlie Lankston. The Duke of Sussex unexpectedly got a "frosty" reception from some of his relatives when he returned to the U.K. and he's worried this will happen again.

Apparently, while the public saw that Harry and William were cordial to each other, it was a different "state of affairs" behind closed doors among Harry and the rest of the royal family. Lankston also said that Meghan could give birth around the same time as the statue's unveiling. Thus, Harry might also be up to returning to London while leaving his wife and newborn in California.

Royal biographer Angela Levin said that Harry's mother would not be happy if her second son would decide not to attend the unveiling just to avoid his family. Harry has said many times over that he knows his mother approves of his decisions in life but Levin said this could be the exception.

Royal commentator Russell Meyers, on the other hand, said that he's been told Harry is committed to coming homeeven without Meghan Markle, as much as William and Kate Middleton are also committed to delivering this special event without any hitches for the Princess of Wales' honor.