Fans are still waiting for George RR Martin to complete The Winds of Winter a decade after A Dance with Dragons' release. As there is still another book installment, A Drewm of Spring, to finish the A Song of Ice and Fire set, will the novelist still manage to complete the series?

The 72-year-old short story writer has been deeply behind completing The Winds of Winter. But as it remains to be seen when he will finally finish the much-awaited sixth book, is there still a chance for A Dream of Spring to see the light of the day?

The Winds of Winter is now ten years in the making and the famed screenwriter is yet to give any update about the seventh book. To shed light on the last entry to the A Song of Ice and Fire series, he has to finish the sixth installment first.

However, according to BlockToro, the TV producer seems to have given up on A Dream of Spring. Why?

There are rumors Martin will just merge the A Dream of Spring's storyline to the last part of The Winds of Winter, which seems to be the reason for the delay. Though it looks unsound, Martin may not have much time to write a full-blown book that may take another decade or more to finish.

NME noted the writer revealed he had been "hugely behind" on working on The Winds of Winter on his Not a Blog online journal. He said a lot of things happened really fast that he fell "further and further behind," and an attempt to catch up made him feel "increasingly oppressive."

Does this mean fans may no longer see the epic saga officially ends in the book? The series' TV adaptation, Game of Thrones, overtook its source material after Season 5 due to the sixth book's delay.

As fans expect the novel to give the fantasy series' a proper conclusion after the Game of Thrones backlash, it looks like it will be a long wait or may never happen at all. Martin is now busy working with HBO after signing a five-year deal and having a new show, Roadmarks.

As he seems to have time to do other things, fans who have been waiting for The Winds of Winter's release question his move. The last time he gave an official update on the novel was in February, saying he had already written "hundreds and hundreds of pages" for it, thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown last year, per Entertainment Weekly.

But with the "hundreds more of pages" he needed to finish, would The Winds of Winter still come to fruition? Would he still able to finish A Dream of Spring? What do you think? Write your comments below.