Boruto Episode 198 will put Naruto in action as he goes against Delta to protect Kawaki. The Shinobi knows the Kara organization will be on the move to get the mysterious boy back and that day has now come.

Boruto Episode 198 will continue the arc that focuses more on Kawaki, who has become an Uzumaki household member. As Naruto has now put him under his care, no one can touch this boy.

Kashin Koji and Delta have been keeping their eyes on the Hidden Leaf village. The Jiraiya clone has already made his way inside without being detected, leaving his company alone waiting for him.

Delta gets tired of getting no updates from Koji, so she makes her own move. According to Comicbook, this just shows what Kara is capable of doing to get Kawaki back.

This invasion reveals she has a modified body like Kawaki, making her a formidable foe for Naruto in Boruto Episode 198. Will she succeed in getting the young boy back?

Naruto promises to fight for and protect Kawaki, and other kids in the series, like Boruto and Himawari, IBTimes noted. In the preview, Delta emerges while Boruto and Kawaki train to use their Karma.

Kawaki doesn't expect to see Kara's dangerous Inners in the village, while Naruto asks him who the lady is. He reveals he is one of the organization's higher-ups.

Delta says she knows who Naruto is, but she is in the village to get Kawaki and not to fight with him. However, this doesn't stop the Nine-Tails' jinchūriki from facing her, despite Kawaki's warning that she is a monster.

At the end of the clip, Naruto and Delta start a brawl that will be seen in Boruto Episode 198. The new episode's synopsis and Episode 197 have teased the face-off between these two.

"Delta invades the village to bring Kawaki back!" it read. "Naruto stands in the way to protect the children!"

In Boruto Episode 197, Koji had successfully found Kawaki inside the village. Though he managed to enter the town, he had no way to barge inside Naruto's house to take Kawaki.

Delta then made a move to find Kawaki. Boruto, on the other hand, agreed to work with Kawaki to unveil the mystery surrounding their Karma. They started a friendly fight, without knowing Koji was already watching them, while Delta was on her way to get Kawaki.

What happens next can be seen when Boruto Episode 198 drops on Sunday, May 9.

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