Jin-Woo now carries a huge responsibility in Solo Leveling Chapter 150. He will continuously work on his investigation after he asks Madam Selner for the hunter list.

From here, he learns one of the suspects is his father, hiding behind the name "S." Will Jin-Woo starts to investigate his father or excludes him in Solo Leveling Chapter 150?

Jin-Woo refuses to protect the hunters after Madam Selner gives him the task. He wants to keep an eye on his investigation to know who is behind the unexplained death of a hunter.

As one of the suspects reveals to be his dad, will he manage to be unbiased in his investigation? Meanwhile, Gun-Hee sees an unexpected enemy in his office.

According to Epic Dope, he will then find himself face-to-face with the Monarch, who remains to be a mysterious personality in the series. What will be the Sovereign's role in the manga?

Despite the mysterious turn of events, fans may witness a flashy battle in Solo Leveling Chapter 150. Fans will see Jin-Woo meeting Andre at the International Guild Conference, inviting him for a meal. He may also return to South Korea.

In Solo Leveling Chapter 149, the Seven-Star Hunter arrived at the meeting and questioned Jin-Woo's connection with the monsters, OtakuKart News noted. Chief explained everything and the conference then ended.

After the conference, the hunters left the building while Mr. White and Jin-Woo talked about the Seven-Star Hunter. Mr. White said the Seven-Star Hunter had nothing against Jin-Woo or even intended to fight him.

Chief then arrived and asked Jin-Woo to follow him. He then entered a room where Selner and his bodyguards waited for him. Selner greeted him, but Jin-Woo wasn't looking and when he did, he noticed her looks had improved.

He started wondering what Selner wanted from him. Jin-Woo admitted he didn't expect to meet her or had business with her. She revealed she had a vision where a mysterious person started hunting one of the Top Hunters.

This vision had already come to life and Jin-Woo believed it was about Christopher. They warned Mister Reid, but he was too confident, knowing he is the National Level Rank Hunter.

What happens from here will be seen when Solo Leveling Chapter 150 drops on Wednesday, May 5, per Omnitos. However, the said release date can still be changed without further notice.

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