Kengan Omega Chapter 108 will reveal the future of Akoya after he almost killed Nicolas in the previous chapter. The Executioner stays true to his name and nearly puts justice in his hand to bring Jean-Luc down.

Fans saw how Akoya beat the life out of Nicolas when he hit him on his neck area, while Hiyama Shunka watched from the stands. Would Hiyama step up and help Akoya in Kengan Omega Chapter 108?

A lot is about to happen in the next chapter, involving Nicolas and Akoya. There are questions if Akoya will be disqualified for almost killing Nicolas.

By the looks of it, Akoya has gone mad as he completely loses his control. He appears to have turned worse than a beast during the battle.

So, will Hayama help to stop Akoya? According to Epic Dope, there is no way for Hiyama to stand up for Akoya without their communication device, which they used in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.

It looks like she is also not ready to give him a hand after the bad treatment she receives from him in the past. So, Hiyama may have just arrived for a guest appearance in Kengan Omega Chapter 108.

With this intense turn out of events, there are theories referee Shiina Alisa will disqualify Akoya. His violent and inhuman approach to fight Nicolas may have taken its toll on him.

In Kengan Omega Chapter 107, Nicolas seemed to have the upper hand in the battle after a double knockout. It then featured a backstory when he first debuted as an MMA fighter, OtakuKart News noted.

He used to be a soldier working with Jean. They were the best of friends back then and went on a series of battles to bring the enemies down.

After several victories, Nicolas told Jean they had survived another day and they would meet again. They lived in the same place and their unit had no name, which was considered non-existing.

Their personal information was erased after their deployment as if they died and nothing was known about their remains. They couldn't have any relatives, except for Nicolas. Jean repeated Nicolas as the latter volunteered for the Hellbound unit, considering him his hero.

What will happen to Nicolas and Akoya will be seen when Kengan Omega Chapter 108 drops on Thursday, May 6, per Anime Manga News.

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