100 Rookie K-Pop group aespa now fastly approaches their "proper" comeback of 2021. On Tuesday, SM Entertainment confirmed that the four-member act will officially return to the music space this month.

No further details have been shared yet. But, the label assured fans and followers that they will soon announce the exact date.

AllKpop said that the confirmation came after comeback reports emerged earlier on the same day. Sources from various outlets claimed that the quartet is now nearing the end of their preparation for their return.

The assertions, also, stated that they are, also, "working on various forms of content" to engage and communicate with their fans. Moreover, the insiders continued that it will all happen at the end of the month.

aespa's agency, later on, corrected that the comeback will take place in mid-May. Accordingly, many are now expecting that more details will arrive in the next few days.

The group's return will serve as their first-ever "proper comeback" since their debut six months ago. In introducing themselves to the world of K-Pop, they dropped their debut single, "Black Mamba."

Reports said that the four idols immediately attracted K-Pop fans all over the globe because of their "unique new metaverse concept." As noted, the curiosity and interest toward them spiked up after introducing their "avatar counterparts" known as the æ-aespa.

aespa has easily achieved massive successes since their debut back in November 2020. With their single, "Black Mamba," they were able to make a name for themselves in the music space.

Hello K-Pop said that the track dominated 95 different global music charts. It even topped the Billboard World Digital Songs chart, as well as the Global 200 list, with its 8.9 million streams.

The same publication, then, reiterated that Dazed hailed "Black Mamba" as one of the best K-Pop songs of 2020. Moreover, Buzzfeed, also, celebrated the group's debut release, naming the single as one of the 35 tracks that "helped define K-Pop" last year.

Earlier this year, aespa surprised their fandom by releasing a remake of one of Yoo Young-jin's singles. "Forever" was originally a track for SM Entertainment's holiday album, Winter Vacation in SMTOWN back in 2000. The remake officially dropped on February 5, and has since obtained praises from fans and supporters.

During the same month, Givenchy named the four-member girl group as its 2021 brand ambassador. It, reportedly, marked the label's first time to select celebrities from the K-Pop industry to represent and endorse them.