ITZY has officially returned to the K-Pop scene. After releasing their fourth extended play record, Guess Who, the five idols now focus on doing promotions.

On Thursday, the "WANNABE" singers sat down for an engagement with Harper's Bazaar. They discussed several things, including the person they want to collaborate with in the future.

Koreaboo covered parts of the interview, especially the topic centering future collaborations. The group revealed that they want to work with Sunmi, adding that she is "awesome" and "amazing."

While doing portraits of one another, the members of ITZY answered several "burning questions," including the collaboration subject. Chaeryeong was the first one to name her senior, and the rest of the members consequently echoed her sentiments toward Sunmi.

The TAIL artist used to share the same label with the five K-Pop idols. She is their senior, considering the age gap between her and the "DALLA DALLA" singers.

But, while Sunmi is no longer an artist of JYP Entertainment, she seemingly has a good, working relationship with the label, alongside its artists. She even expresses her support from time to time to her juniors.

In the past, Sunmi, also, revealed that she wants to collaborate with ITZY. She shared her hopes about the matter in one of her previous engagements.

She said that she wants to "work on some amazing songs and release them." If given the chance, Sunmi hopes that it would be the five-member K-Pop group, as long as they are "fine with it," as well as MIDZYs and JYP Entertainment.

Aside from expressing her hopes for collaboration, Sunmi previously revealed her adoration for the ITZY. In a live broadcast back in 2019, she told her fans about how "cute" the members are.

Biaswrecker reported that the Full Moon artist even sang the group's debut single, "DALLA DALLA" while mimicking some of the choreography routines. She, then, confessed that she is a "big fan of Lia," adding that she "really, really" likes her.

Following the assertions, many fans and supporters have since expressed their excitement toward the potential collaboration. In an online forum under AllKpop, several netizens emphasized that Sunmi has repeatedly praised ITZY, and their admiration for each other may become the spark of a possible joint project.

But, despite all the buzz and clamor, JYP Entertainment has yet to break its silence to address the matter. Accordingly, all fans and supporters can do now is to wait and hope for this to happen soon.