Jisoo and Lisa are the oldest and youngest members of BLACKPINK, respectively. This is why it is not surprising that they have a sister-like relationship.

The public, especially avid fans and supporters, have already repeatedly witnessed how close the two K-Pop idols are. But, it was only recently when followers saw how they bond alone together.

Amid their busy schedules with Snowdrop and Youth With You 3, Jisoo and Lisa found time to spend one whole day with each other. Koreaboo said that the group's rapper recorded what went down during their "date" and uploaded it on her own YouTube channel.

It remains unclear when exactly the date took place but, photos of them together first emerged earlier in April. On Instagram, the two BLACKPINK members shared snippets of their fun hang-out and tagged one another in their respective posts.

On Wednesday, the idols have finally shared some of the details of their special day together. The nine-minute video features Lisa and Jisoo enjoying their meals and desserts, having fun on their shopping sessions, and taking photos of each other to mark the day.

In one part of the material, Lisa said that it had been "such a long time" since they last saw each other. She, also, pointed out that they used to be together every day, especially during their promotional activities.

A separate report from Koreaboo, later on, listed some of the moments from the date wherein they "radiated warm sibling energy." Aside from the casual conversation about their personal lives, they made fun of each other, as well, while they munch on their meals.

The two K-Pop idols, also, teased each other as any ordinary siblings would do. Moreover, they never shied away from extending their help toward one another even in the littlest of things.

Among all, though, it is, reportedly, the fact that they chose to spend quality time together, that manifested how strong their bond is. Despite how occupied they are with their respective projects, they still managed to make time for each other.

Following the premiere of the video, netizens expressed their adoration for the two BLACKPINK members. On YouTube, more than 80,000 comments have since emerged, wherein fans shared their positive thoughts about the "date."

It has since been watched by over 5 million times, garnering more than 1 million likes. It is, also, seemingly expected that the figures will continue to rise in the next few days, considering that Jisoo is the first member of BLACKPINK to appear on Lisa's channel.