Prince Harry wanted out of his royal duties since he was in his 20s, as he revealed in Dax Shepard's podcast show. Gayle King, the friend of Meghan Markle, said that the public should stop blaming his wife for his choices after his revelation.

On King's show on CBS, the TV anchor said that Harry made it clear he had these feelings and thoughts about quitting his royal life since he was in his early 20s. King said that many people have been saying Markle, as his wife, has greatly influenced his decision to give up on his royal life.

British royal commentator Sarah Vine also agrees that the blame for Harry's conflict with his family is not entirely on Meghan Markle. In her column in the Daily Mail, Vine said that they are now seeing the real Harry and the British public has to accept that he's no longer the little boy who lost his mother, Princess Diana, at such a young age.

Vine also does not believe that Harry has been brainwashed by his wife. Rather, he is "just starting to be himself," and unfortunately, he hated being a royal and even compared their lives to being in a zoo. The royal commentator said that Harry saw his wife as his way out or his opportunity to escape a role he never wanted because of what it did to his mother.

But other royal observers still blame Markle for Harry's constant attacks on the institution he was born into. In his podcast interviews, the Duke of Sussex always implied that his wife has been explaining things to him that aren't in line with the royal life.

The Duchess of Sussex changed Harry's mindset so he could stop living a constrained life as a royal. But in doing so, he ended up criticizing his family, and most recently, his father's parenting skills.

Meanwhile, sources at the palace said that the royal family is "distressed and angry" at Harry's latest revelations especially so soon after the death of his grandfather, Prince Philip. Another source expressed confusion because Harry has objected to his life being in public but he's discussing private matters with the U.S. media.

This will, inevitably, make it harder for Harry to heal his rift with the royal family, especially with his father and brother. The British people are also still in shock by what Harry said, which was not received in a negative way.