One Piece Chapter 1014 will be on a break this week, but that does not stop fans from casting their predictions. It will take a little while before the spoilers and leaks come out, so what may happen from here?

As Luffy is now falling into the sea, will someone save him in One Piece Chapter 1014 or will he just directly fall? By the looks of it, somebody will come to his rescue.

According to BlockToro, the upcoming chapter will be the last one from Volume 100 and Eiichiro Oda will end with a big bang. Momonosuke will fly to save Luffy after hearing his voice falling into the sea, as there is only one voice on the rooftop, which may come from Kaido.

Aside from Momonosuke, there are also assumptions the Wano octopus may save Luffy from falling. So, who from these two may save Luffy?

Elsewhere, fans may continuously see Kidd in action against Big Mom in One Piece Chapter 1014. Nami and Usopp will be on the run again to take Tama to a safer place.

Sanji has finally reached the live floor to give Zoro to Marco or Chopper. He will then fight against King after he tries to sneak attack them in One Piece Chapter 1014.

In addition, Kinemon and Kiku will finally reach where Momonosuke is. However, they will only see Shinobu as Momonosuke is on the run to save Luffy, so they just face Kanjuro together, Recent Highlights noted.

Denjiro may join Franky to fight Sasaki, but it may be much better if Franki will handle the battle on his own. Sadly, Raizo, Dogstorm, Ashura, and Killer may not be seen in action yet.

Aside from saving Luffy, there are also questions if Kidd will be able to defeat Big Mom. With the help of Punk Gibson, Kidd managed to pin the female Yonko down.

Jinbe then threw Big Mom away, but she now remains calm and aware of what will happen next. After what happened, could Kidd defeat Big Mom alone?

By the looks of it, he cannot do it without getting severe damage in One Piece Chapter 1014. Alternatively, everyone wants to see what will be the future of Luffy after falling into the sea.

Kaido is continuously boasting his victory against Luffy after he managed to throw him into the ocean. If this indeed means Luffy's defeat, it just means the alliance has been defeated, too.

The Raid on Onigishima will end with a significant loss for the samurai. However, it looks like Luffy's defeat and Kaido's victory are not final yet.

Before Luffy falls, he seems to have the upper hand in the fight. What happened in between was not revealed and fans just saw Luffy falling.

Will One Piece Chapter 1014 reveal what happened to their fight? Find out when the new installment drops on Sunday, May 30, per OtakuKart News.