NCIS: New Orleans season 7 episode 16 will serve as the series finale of the police procedural drama. Earlier this year, it has been confirmed that the Scott Bakula-led show is coming to an end and the announcement comes as a huge surprise to a lot of viewers.

NCIS: New Orleans season 7 episode 16 is titled "Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler," which means "Let the Good Times Roll." While this suggests that more lighthearted moments will be featured, there's still a bit of drama and action coming along the way.

For instance, there are several things that need to resolve when it comes to Sasha (Callie Thorne). In addition, the future of both Connor (Drew Scheid) and Jimmy (Jason Alan Carvell) is in question. These storylines are all connected to Pride (Bakula).

In NCIS: New Orleans season 7 episode 16, Connor entered the witness protection program on the eve of Pride and Rita's (Chelsea Field) wedding. The special agent needs to find out who attacked his son, Connor, and his half-brother, Jimmy.

At the same time, Pride must try to figure out the ulterior motive of Sasha involving their son. This has been one of the major storylines over the past few episodes and it's clear that everything is coming to an end in the final episode of the police procedural.

Meanwhile, the promo of NCIS: New Orleans season 7 episode 16 focused on the wedding. The aisle can be seen filled with flowers while Pride is waiting at the end wearing his tux. The team was also shown standing and Rita, wearing her red dress, started to walk down the aisle.

Pride and Rita have been together since the third season and they've faced a lot of ups and downs in their relationship over the past years. Now, they finally decided to tie the knot, which is a huge celebration to wrap up the entire series run.

Moreover, the promo showed Pride dancing with Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder) at his bar, where the reception was held. The special agent can also be heard saying: "To be able to share a moment like this, with the people we love, in this city that we love, is a gift."

However, that doesn't mean there won't be any troubles coming for them. Sasha remains to be the biggest adversary for one last time. It remains to be seen how Pride and the rest of the team will wrap up the case once and for all.

NCIS: New Orleans season 7 episode 16 airs on Sunday, May 23, on CBS.