Politicians in America have unleashed statements against Prince Harry after he said a few things about the First Amendment of the United States.

The Duke of Sussex admitted in a podcast interview that there was so still much he wanted to say about this issue. He claimed that there are many loopholes to the First Amendment but since he's still in the process of understanding it, all he ended up saying was that it was "bonkers."

Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw took offense and criticized Prince Harry on social media for talking about the constitution, while supporters of the politicians said that the British prince can simply go back to his country. Another politician tweeted that Harry seems to have lost the plot for "condemning the First Amendment" while Senator Ted Cruz said that the Duke of Sussex must appreciate that he could say something about it, given that the First Amendment covers the freedom of speech.

U.S. activist Jack Posobiec also called out Harry for "attacking" America's constitution while another right-wing leader, Candace Owens, alluded that Harry and Meghan Markle are making so much noise even as they claim to be desperate for privacy.

Media personality and the daughter of the late Senator John McCain, Meghan McCain, said that Americans do not care what the British prince thinks. She also reminded Harry to show some respect for the U.S. as he's seeking refuge in California after leaving London. Some royal observers said that Harry will not be appreciated in both the U.K. and the U.S. if he keeps on making controversial statements in public.

Royal commentator Camilla Tominey said that the Duke of Sussex is risking losing sympathy from either side as he continues to speak out. She said that people will not have tolerance for someone who talks too much or someone who is "making too much noise" for promoting his new projects.

Harry has been visible in recent weeks as he's set to debut his new mental health program on Apple TV+ with Oprah Winfrey. The show, The Me You Can't See, will be out in late May.

The Duke of Sussex also said in the same podcast interview that his life as a royal may be comparable to the zoo and that he suffered "genetic pain and suffering" because of how he was treated by his father, Prince Charles. Prince Harry alluded that his father did not receive good parenting from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip as well.