WARNING: This article may contain some spoilers for the penultimate episode of This Is Us season 5. Read at your own risk.

This Is Us season 5 episode 16 will be the last one for the current installment and it is titled "The Adirondacks." There is a huge celebration coming here, as everyone prepares for the wedding of Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) and Madison Simons (Caitlin Thompson).

Kevin and Madison have faced a lot of challenges and struggles in their relationship. But, after welcoming their twins, it seems like their bond became stronger than ever. Now, the couple will make it official and will finally tie the knot in This Is Us season 5 episode 16.

As the synopsis notes, "the family gathers for Kevin and Madison's wedding." However, there's still uncertainty when it comes to other matters, considering what happened in the penultimate episode. Although Kevin is sure of what he feels, Madison seemingly doubts if everything is truly right.

In This Is Us season 5 episode 16, a lot of questions running through Madison's mind, such as whether or not Kevin really wants to be with her. The two weren't originally couple, and before she got pregnant, he's emotionally attached to his ex-wife, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge).

When Kevin and Madison publicly announced their engagement, Sophie learned the news and this hinted that she's still part of the story. In fact, she also called her ex-husband to congratulate him and the conversation likely brought confusion on him.

In addition, during Madison's bachelorette party, she started to question everything that's going on between them. At the end of the celebration, she witnessed how Kevin refused to talk about their future in the "Newlywed Game Video" and her insecurities started to turn up.

Their future remains unknown right now since Madison hasn't yet made any appearances in the flash-forward scenes. There is no trace of her that she is present in the future timeline, which could suggest that her marriage with Kevin didn't work out and they fell apart.

Meanwhile, the promo showed that a lot of emotional and dramatic moments are coming in This Is Us season 5 episode 16. While there's a question on their future, the clip featured Kevin and Madison preparing for one of the biggest events in their lives.

This Is Us season 5 episode 16 airs on Tuesday, May 25, on NBC. The family drama has been renewed for season 6, which is also going to be the final installment.