SEAL Team season 4 finale is going to be big and powerful for the Bravo Team. The majority of the members might be making a huge step in the lives, particularly when it comes to their career. Here is what viewers can expect in "One Life to Live."

According to the synopsis of SEAL Team season 4 finale, "Bravo takes a devastating hit that will change the team forever." Because of this, each member was forced to make a major personal decision that could impact the future of the group.

Whatever is coming for the Bravo Team in SEAL Team season 4 finale will bring a big change for them. The military action drama tends to deliver unexpected surprises, and this time, one of the members may decide to leave and start a new life somewhere else.

However, some also think the "devastating hit" refers to the death of a major character. If one of the team members dies, it'll bring a massive change for everyone. Even though the Bravo Team had issues with each other, they still truly care for one another.

Also, this is what series star and co-executive producer David Boreanaz, who plays Jason Hayes, previously teased. Talking about the penultimate episode he directed, he revealed that "there's going to be a loss, one of the members of Bravo."

The Bravo Team often puts their lives in danger during their mission, and it defines who they are and what they sacrifice. Boreanaz noted that this is something that's going to resonate big with the team leading to SEAL Team season 4 finale.

In addition, some personal stories are coming from most of the characters. The actor hinted that, at the end of the episode, some romance will reignite, and there'll be people who will decide whether to leave or stay in Bravo. For Jason, there's a mental health thing that "kind of sneaks up on him."

Meanwhile, the future of the series is already secured as CBS has officially renewed season 5. But, the military action drama will have a new home once it returns in the fall. At the time of the renewal announcement, it was also confirmed that the show is moving to Paramount+.

As for what Boreanaz feels about the series moving to a platform, he said it puts them "on the game." Unlike on network television, the show has more control over its content now that it's on Paramount+. There could be several changes in storytelling while still sticking with its theme.

SEAL Team season 4 finale airs on Wednesday, May 26, on CBS.