Kate Middleton and Prince William were able to spend a quiet date night in Scotland where they are currently having their week-long royal tour. The couple was seen dining at a secluded corner in a restaurant while their security detail was nearby.

Reports cited that William and Kate Middleton went into Forgan's restaurant, which serves Scottish meals with a twist. Forgan's is close to St. Andrew's University and within the university town where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met in college.

According to People, William and Middleton used to frequent a local Pizza Express while they were still students at the said university between 2001 to 2005. Forgan's, however, was not yet around during that time as the building used to be a butcher's warehouse.

The manager of the restaurant revealed that while there was a crowd of people gathered outside the restaurant when word got around that William and Middleton were having dinner, the diners inside simply left the couple to enjoy their meals. The manager also said there was no pomp nor fanfare just because the royal couple was there.

William and Middleton stayed overnight at the university town as they visited their alma mater to talk to some of the current students. The couple also took part in planting a tree at the university grounds. Witnesses said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked so happy to be back at their old school.

A crowd gathered outside of the school grounds but it was a cocker spaniel that caught the eye of Middleton. She stopped to chat with the owner of the dog and learned that the pup is called Lily. It reminded her of her old furry pal, Lupo, who died in November 2020. Middleton also asked the people about a cafe nearby that had the same now as her former dog.

Later that day, William and Middleton enjoyed another date night but it was part of their work. The couple hosted an outdoor movie event featuring the Disney film Cruella. The royal pair rode in one of Prince Philip's customized Land Rover.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were joined by members of the National Health Services (NHS), who have been regarded as the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the screening, Kate Middleton got up to say a speech to thank the NHS frontliners for their hard work and commitment despite the risk to their lives. The royal couple are expected to return home to England on Thursday, May 27.