BTS and Coldplay's links continue to hit the news following all the collaboration speculations. While both parties have yet to make confirmations, they are making the headlines recently after Chris Martin gave the K-Pop group a "shout-out."

Koreaboo said that the English artist shared his "love" for the septet, especially their new English track, "Butter." On Twitter, he expressed his gratitude toward their group's fans and followers for supporting their latest music release, "Higher Power."

Alongside his warm message, he shared a list of films, books, and songs that he finds "helpful and wonderful." In one part of the post, the Coldplay lead included "Butter," noting that it is BTS' new song.

Chris Martin did not specify anything, though, about the K-Pop group's latest track. But, its conclusion to the list is seemingly enough to create waves on various media channels and platforms.

He appears to have, reportedly, joined the list of celebrities who have "fallen" for BTS' charms. Prior to the release of "Butter," the likes of Queen shared their support toward the septet.

A separate report from Koreaboo explained how it all started. It seemingly came after avid fans and supporters edited some of the teaser materials of "Butter" and incorporated one of Queen's iconic tracks, "Another One Bites The Dust."

The edited clips and videos immediately went viral on several media platforms. Because of this, the legendary group noticed the trends and gave a shout-out to BTS.

In the legendary group's official Twitter account, they posted a tweet with the hashtags, "BTS Butter," "Queen," "BTS," and "Another One Bites The Dust." The update, also, included the message "are you ready for this" and "another one bites the dust x BTS."

Meanwhile, the talks of a collaboration between the K-Pop idols and Coldplay are still making noise on several media channels. This comes after Chris Martin seemingly "avoided" the questions about the matter in an intentional way.

In one of his previous interviews, the host asked him of his thoughts about the rumors, involving Coldplay and the "Dynamite" singers. Instead of giving a straight response, he said that the program was having a "glitch," adding that he could not hear what the hosts were saying.

Before this shocking moment, the collaboration rumors appear to have started when Chris Martin discreetly visited South Korea. This, also, took place weeks after BTS covered "Fix You" for MTV's Unplugged feature, and received praises from the English artists themselves.