Netizens believe that Chris Martin and BTS are collaborating for a music release. The rumors continue to develop these past few months, particularly after the septet covered Coldplay's hit track "Fix You."

The speculations have become much apparent following the "Yellow" singer's interview with Sean Valentine on Friday. When asked about the rumors, Martin deliberately avoided the questions and threw in a few jokes instead.

Mea World Wide released a report, covering what had happened during the engagement. As explained, Valentine asked the Coldplay vocalist whether he learned the Korean language when he last visited the country.

The host continued that he "maybe bumped into a certain K-Pop band named BTS." Without asking anything about what he did in South Korea, Sean Valentine reiterated that there are "a lot of rumors on the street."

Chris Martin did not react but, he took his headset off and claimed that there was a "glitch." He pretended as if he never heard or understood the questions asked by Valentine and his co-host.

Following the act, they all laughed, seemingly hinting that they all knew the answer to whether Coldplay is collaborating with BTS. They, then, consequently moved on to other topics despite not giving any details or information about the collaboration reports.

Several fans and followers immediately took their reactions and thoughts to social media platforms. The buzz surrounding the matter has become much more evident, especially after Sean Valentine posted the clip on Twitter.

Aside from tagging Chris Martin, he, also, tagged the official account of BTS on the platform. This has since fueled the rumors, causing many netizens to be certain that a joint music project is likely already in the works.

The post has since obtained over 66,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments. All Twitter users who responded to the post expressed their excitement and joy about the potential collaboration between Coldplay and the "Dynamite" singers.

The hopes of a music project together began after BTS covered "Fix You" for their feature on MTV Unplugged. Coldplay praised and shared their admiration toward the K-Pop group on social media after witnessing the rendition.

The actual rumors just started earlier in April when locals spotted Chris Martin arriving in South KoreaAllKpop reported that a staff member from the airport broke the news on Instagram after posting an autograph he received from the "Viva la Vida" singer.

The said post immediately went viral on various platforms because many ARMYs quickly speculated that he was likely in South Korea to work with BTS. But, despite the overwhelming buzz about the matter, both Coldplay and the K-Pop group have remained silent.