Jason Hayes's (David Boreanaz) storyline remains to be one of the major focuses in the upcoming SEAL Team season 5. He has been through a lot in the fourth installment and struggled to find the balance between his personal and professional life.

In SEAL Team season 5, Jason deals with more issues and some of them could seriously take a toll on him. At the end of season 4, Boreanaz's character learned about how to be a proper leader not only on deployment but for the Bravo Team members, as well.

In the latest interview with TV Insider, Boreanaz discussed what lies ahead for Jason moving forward, including where he's heading in the future. The actor said his character is "trying to balance what life is like outside of Bravo and what life is like inside of Bravo."

SEAL Team season 5 will see Jason fully realizing that he's more of a "support kind of guy," something that he earned through pain and working with his therapists and brothers. Boreanaz teased that the next installment is going to open a "new chapter" for his character.

However, that doesn't mean that everything would be smooth sailing for him. The actor said Jason still deals with a lot of physical and emotional pain. Also, the season 4 finale showed a glimpse of his mental component and this could play out in the next outing.

Boreanaz explained that "the RPG could have aggravated something with his brain." He added that Jason "is a case study in a lot of ways" and he'll continue to try to wrap himself around that. The head injury he sustained could impact his life in some way.

Meanwhile, showrunner Spencer Hudnut also teased what's next for Jason in SEAL Team season 5. Speaking to TVLine, he said that Boreanaz's character has been fighting this war for 20 years and the next installment will explore all those years of combat, particularly what it has done to him.

Right now, it remains to be seen whether he's going to recover from his trauma. Hudnut explained that there's "a hint of maybe a dark cloud hanging over Jason" while he tries to move forward into the next phase of his life. This only means that the upcoming season will further flesh out his backstory.

SEAL Team season 5 is reportedly set for a Fall 2021 premiere. The military action drama was moved from CBS to Paramount+. The upcoming episodes may also have changes in tone and content, while the series sticks with its original theme.