Fans and followers of BTS remain vigilant as they wait for the members' respective solo music releases. While some of the seven idols have already dropped mixtapes and singles in the past, the public is seemingly clamoring for more in the future.

Following the success of "Butter," there have been talks about V and J-Hope's solo releases. This comes after both K-Pop idols have repeatedly talked about making music in their recent interviews and engagements.

AllKpop reported that the group rapper shared his 2021 goals with Bustle. When asked about his plans for the rest of the year, J-Hope said that he intends to "work and polish some personal stuff," adding that he may be putting "something out" later.

The BTS rapper, also, mentioned that he wants to become someone "who can organize thoughts in a more mature way." This, then, led the publication to conclude that he seemingly has a goal to create and release "mature music" in the near future.

Netizens, especially avid fans of J-Hope, consequently celebrated on various social media platforms after learning what the K-Pop idol had said in his interview. Some of them even named the potential second mixtape, referring to it as "HW2" or "Hope World 2."

Others, also, stated that they are already "looking forward" to the upcoming music productions and releases of the members. It appears that they are waiting, as well, for the group's new album, which will, reportedly, arrive later this year.

This is not the first time, though, that J-Hope had said something about a new mixtape. In his interview with Billboard earlier this month, he provided some of his thoughts about releasing new music soon.

The BTS member asserted that he works on his music today by going "back to the emotions" he felt while working on Hope World. He explained that his first mixtape "shaped the direction" he wants to journey on as a solo artist.

Despite the teasers and hints, though, J-Hope clarified that "nothing is decided yet." Even so, he still assured his fans and supporters that he will continue to work on his music.

The recent interviews of BTS come as they continue to reach new heights in their career. Because of their second all-English track, "Butter," they have, once again, topped various music charts and broken several world records across platforms.

J-Hope, also, gained more attention amid the fame and popularity of the "summer song." As it happened, many netizens seemingly singled out his iconic scene of eating a pad of butter at the end of the track's official music video.