More than 20,000 people have signed the petition urging Prince Harry to drop his royal titles so he won't cause further damage to himself and the royal family.

The petition, opened by Lady Colin Campbell via Change.Org, is asking for "abeyance," which means that Prince Harry should temporarily suspend the use of "prince" or "duke" with his name. According to Campbell, Harry could go to Queen Elizabeth to ask for this abeyance.

Campbell said that she opened this petition because it would free Harry of any "diplomatic, political and constitutional constraints" of having a royal title. After speaking to a number of people, Campbell believes that this is the best thing Harry could do as it can protect everyone and humiliate no one.

The royal critic also said that if Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, won't use their titles then they could sell their brand without impacting the monarchy. Campbell believes that the recommendations in this petition actually frees the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from the shackles of royal life.

The petition comes as Piers Morgan, another staunch critic of Harry and Markle, is hinting that he could be back on Good Morning Britain. Morgan was let go on the popular morning show in March because of his comments against Markle's mental state.

Despite losing his morning show platform, Morgan continues to discuss and blast Harry and Markle for allegedly using the mental health crisis and racism as their ammunition to attack the royal family. He's also on board the idea of stripping Harry and Markle of their royal titles as the perception is that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been causing a lot of damage to the monarchy and the Commonwealth.

Meanwhile, Campbell claimed that an insider in the royal family feels that Harry is being played by Markle "like a violin." The royal critic said that she came to know of this information as she was writing a book about Harry and Markle, which was released in 2020.

The former reality TV star said that she has heard more private stuff about Markle that has caused deep concerns among the members of the royal family. She said that it's one of the reasons why she was pushed to write about Prince Harry and his wife because she had the backing of someone from inside the palace. Representatives at Buckingham and the Sussex pair have yet to comment on Campbell's claims.