"One Piece" Chapter 1016 may finally feature the much-awaited fight between Yamato and her father, Kaido. The previous installment ended with a major cliffhanger featuring these two, so all eyes are now on them.

Yamato eyes to break the bond that binds her with Kaido in "One Piece" Chapter 1016. Knowing how strong the Beast Pirates Captain is, will his daughter stand a chance against him?

A lot is about to happen in the upcoming installment as the war in Wano continues. However, according to BlockToro, there are theories that fans may get a glimpse of Kaido's backstory or a good look at Yamato's birth mother.

But as Eiichiro Oda has been known for not revealing anything about the characters' mothers, this may not happen at all.

In addition, readers may finally get to know Yamato's devil fruit. Some believe it is a mythical tiger fruit, though no one can confirm it yet.

Elsewhere, there may also be a big fight between Sanji and Queen in "One Piece" Chapter 1016, IBTimes noted. Sanji saved Chopper from the hands of the All-Star Beast Pirate and put Zoro under his care in hopes of curing him.

If this happens, Zoro can give Sanji a hand to defeat more enemies. Though fans have yet to see the Pirate Hunter in a fight lately, he may finally face King in an intense brawl. 

In addition, the much-awaited return of Luffy may not happen yet due to the degree of injury he has suffered from Kaido's hands. However, fans may get an update or two about his condition and road to recovery as the story continues.

Aside from Luffy, Zeus, too, makes a triumphant comeback after fusing with Nami's Clima-Tact. With his help, the cat burglar may bring down more opponents with the more powerful weapon she now has.

In "One Piece" Chapter 1015, Luffy was seen falling into the sea and drowning in the seawater. Fortunately, the Heart Pirates members came to his rescue before it was too late, per Game n Guides.

As Luffy managed to survive, it might only take time before he comes back to Onigashima to face Kaido again. To recall, Momonosuke bravely announced the Straw Hat Pirates Captain is still alive and he will return to fight with them again.

Thanks to his speaker, Momonosuke's voice was heard all over the island and managed to boost their allies' morale and fighting spirit to continue the brawl.

Fortunately, there is no break this time and fans will see all these and more on the release of "One Piece" Chapter 1016 June 13.