The Hi Shin Unit is going to take the spotlight in "Kingdom" Chapter 682. Shin's people are about to prove themselves after many failures in the past, trying their best to surpass the Gaku Ka unit or the Gyoko Hou unit.

A lot of fans have been rooting for the Hi Shin Unit and it may finally live up to everyone's expectation in "Kingdom" Chapter 682. Now that Shin is no longer a newbie and gets the help of Kyou Rei and Kyou Kai, they will finally redeem themselves and bring the fight to another level.

Sure, the Shin cavalry seems to have a hard time holding off the enemies now, but they may soon change the tide of the battle. Though it may be too much for them to defend the infantry and the archers, per Epic Dope, things may finally turn in their favor.

The battlefield seems to benefit the Zhao army, thanks to their terrain advantage. However, it can't be denied that the Hi Shin Unit has been displaying incredible progress.

According to Recent Highlights, the first wave of Shin's army is now climbing the cliff, while the second one is trailing. The Zhao army is now tired after fighting for eight days, while the Hi Shin Unit is still energized by their fight's first day.

Shin and the cavalry remain below the cliff to fight off the enemies. As this cliff is known for being a challenging climb, they are about to go to hell and back to make it in "Kingdom" Chapter 682.

Ten has commended the Hi Shin Unit for being amazing and surpassing others' strength, believing they can effortlessly make it on the top of the cliff. After being disheartened, Rei will save her strength, follow Kanto's lead and do the climb.

Once she has finally gotten used to using her sword, she will be able to spend her stamina well to eventually help her group. With their confidence and morale, the Hi Shin Unit will surely survive.

Meanwhile, there are theories Kanto may replace Shousa's role as he is incredibly growing fast. Zhao, alternatively, may use their reserve, while Kanto may jump into action using Shousa's spear and Suugen will do something like what Ouhon did and move slowly to a better spot.

Fans are about to see all these and more when "Kingdom" Chapter 682 comes out Sunday, June 13, BlockToro noted. Its raw scans, on the other hand, will be out two to three days before the official release date comes, though fans are strongly advised to wait for its official release on Weekly Young magazine.