Netflix makes its Geeked Week juicier by releasing a new "Edens Zero" trailer to hype up the series more. Dubbed as one of the most anticipated anime releases this year, the streaming giant finally unveils its official release date.

Fans will soon see the incredible story of Shiki and Rebecca roll out on the small screen. As "Edens Zero" serves as the much-awaited anime adaptation of Hiro Mashima's creative world, there is now a high expectation that surrounds it.

With the success of "Fairy Tail," all eyes are now on the mangaka's new work. By the looks of it, Netflix has been trying to expand its anime arsenal by introducing several new series during the said event.

It seems to eye anime dominance among the streaming networks with the number of original anime productions it features. To add up more color to its already vibrant anime content, Netflix teases the arrival of "Edens Zero."


Netflix Geeked unveils the upcoming anime's new trailer on its official Twitter account, giving everyone a new look at the world Mashima created, Comicbook noted. The series will introduce fans to a young boy named Shiki.

He boards the Edens Zero starship to find the cosmic goddess named Mother. Fortunately, he will never be alone in this journey as he gets the company of the social media influencer Rebecca and her robotic cat, Happy.

According to CBR, Mashima himself first announced the anime's coming in 2020. Produced by J.C. Staff, it is directed by Yushi Suzuki with Shinji Ishihara as the chief director, Mitsutaka Hirota as the scriptwriter, Yurika Sako as the character designer and Yoshihisa Hirano as the music composer.

Meanwhile, the cast includes some anime staples, like Takuma Terashima as Shiki, Mikako Komatsu as Rebecca and Rie Kugimiya as Happy. Shiori Izawa also joins the series as E.M., Shiki Aoki as Homura and Hochu Otsuka as Ziggy.

It will also feature the famed One Punch Man voice actors Hiromichi Tezuka and Kiyono Yasuno as Weisz and Witch. Lastly, Haikyu!! star Daisuke Namikawa can be heard as Justice.

"Edens Zero tells the story of an orphan boy named Shiki Granbell who has always lived in a mysterious robot-filled amusement park," the official synopsis reads, via Netflix Life. "His loneliness is met with some joy as Rebecca and her cat, Happy, join him on an adventure to explore the park together."

However, their fun time will be over as some villainous individuals will abduct them. Shiki has set a goal to make 100 friends, so they will go on a new journey to escape their captors, become much stronger and fulfill their aim.

Edens Zero will be released Aug. 26.