Foo Fighters are back onstage for the first time after the Covid-19 pandemic grapples the U.S., but anti-vaxxers' protest meets them.

The Vax Life vaccine-distribution fundraiser event requires attendees to be vaccinated to watch the concert at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California. However, it looks like the anti-vax protestors have something to say.

They gather outside and hold a picket line. They even accuse the band of "bringing segregation back" with this requirement.

"What they're doing is saying only vax people, separating humans is OK," one protester says, Louder Sound noted. "Those of us who have healthy immune systems should be able to enjoy these freedoms just like everybody else."

On the other hand, Rick Schroder, who is part of the event, expresses his distaste for Foo Fighters' decision. He also accuses Dave Grohl of supporting "acts of discrimination" and saying he is an "ignorant punk who needs to be slapped."

In a Facebook post, the actor seems to mock the Foo Fighters frontman - saying that "ignorance comes in all shapes and sizes." He even says Kurt Cobain is laughing at him, along with millions of patriots, and calls him a fool.

The Foo Fighters concert, which has a 600-seat capacity, asks for Covid-19 vaccination proof before fans could buy the tickets and allow entry. The concertgoers, too, have their own reaction to what happened - calling the anti-vax protesters "real low-quality humans," Variety reported.

One fan said attendees instantly become "vaccine segregationists" just by watching Foo Fighters' concert. However, the show is said to be just intimate, held at a small local concert hall, but Grohl promised they would play hard until cops got called and he collapsed.

Anyhow, Grohl and the rest of his bandmates are once again set to play at Madison Square Garden June 20 and this time, it will be a full capacity show. It looks like live concert events are back on track and the band's lead singer reveals they have been waiting for this to happen for more than a year.

Now that they are back at it, Grohl promises they will rock Madison Square Garden hard. He also says in the announcement that New York needs to get ready for a long night of noise as they will scream their heads off together to celebrate Foo Fighters' 26 years in the business.