"Bling Empire" star Kane Lim is now in hot water after allegedly spreading Asian hate. Along with his group of friends, the fashion devotee disses the famous Hollywood sushi joint Yamashiro and it does not sit well with its head chef.

Lim, a real estate developer, is seen on his friend's Instagram Story - stressing they are eating at a different sushi restaurant, Taidama, and not in Yamashiro. They even mock and call the celeb hot spot "disgusting."

It looks like Yamashiro's head chef, Valerie Castillo Archer, does not like Kane and his friends' jab. She seems to take it personally and accuse them of "helping spread hate against their own race," TMZ noted.

"How can we promote Stop Asian Hate when we are the ones publicly hating on Asians?" she says. She also finds Lim's mockeries "hurtful."

However, Lim cries foul, telling TMZ Archer seems to misunderstand the whole deal and is overreacting. He explains his remarks were solely based on his own experience at Yamashiro a few years ago.

He does not directly aim it at her, her work or the people working at the eatery. It is just that he simply does not like the food there.

"It's unfortunate this has escalated to this level," Lim adds. Though he understands how it comes into this, he is quite disappointed that it has turned into Asian hate.

He then stresses he "does not hate his own race." He, too, is more than willing to make it up with Archer and try eating at Yamashiro again.

In fact, they are now set to meet and clear things out between them, though, Archer reveals she does not feel Lim's sincerity.

She, too, has no interest in having a photo opportunity with the budding star. She also reveals she is now experiencing harassment and bullying by others in the AAPI community, but she will never allow it to silence her.

Meanwhile, talking about Lim, he becomes famously known for the Netflix reality series "Bling Empire." The show features an all-Asian American cast living in Los Angeles.

He is known for his over-the-top fashion, flamboyant style and good relationship with almost everyone. He told Hong Kong Tatler he moved to L.A. from Singapore for his own independence and to challenge himself.

Lim has everything he needs back in his home country, from his family's support to business and more. However, he feels like his future is somewhere else - needing a bigger platform and now has "Bling Empire."