"Black Clover" Chapter 296 will return with a big bang. After a brief hiatus, the much-awaited intense battle between Noelle and Vanica will finally happen.

"Black Clover" Chapter 296 may pick up from the previous episode's major cliffhanger. Now, as every fan asks, can Noelle defeat Vanica?

Dark Triad seems to have the best leaders that can bring down any enemies coming their way. One of them is Dante, who used to be the biggest and worst, member of the group until Magna successfully defeated him.

By the looks of it, he was nothing but a "cynical and ambitious mage." Sure, he was relatively strong, but it was only because of his devil, Lucifero.

However, without his devil, Dante is just a common villain with uninteresting magic.

Compared to Vanica and Zenon, these two have been displaying promising magic and abilities. Vanica's blood magic with Megicula's curse is beyond palpable.

Zenon's bone magic with spatial magic, alternatively, is deemed to be one of the strongest. But going against Noelle's new power-up, can their powers save themselves?

According to Epic Dope, "Black Clover" Chapter 296 may reveal the Dark Triad is not this arc's primary antagonistIt may be the protagonists themselves, as Noelle will try to surpass her limit to beat Vanica - using her Saint Valkyrie Dress spell.

"Black Clover" Chapter 295 showed how Vanica took control of Lolopechka, IBTimes noted. This made Noelle lost her temper and vowed to destroy the Dark Triad member.

Vanica wanted to play with Noelle to see if she got any stronger, but the latter planned to work with Undine to defeat the enemy.

However, Charlotte did not get why Undine and Noelle were together. Dryan then advised Noelle she needed to have a certain power that could help her launch the Ultimate Magic.

Undine then revealed why she worked with Noelle and it had something to do with the Curse-Warding Magic - leaving her with choice but to collaborate with her.

She needed more help and she could only get it from Noelle's grimoire. Undine and Noelle originally didn't like each other, but thanks to Dryad, she helped to bridge the gap between the two.

Undine found Lolopechka too kind. Though she admired her quality, she kept her away from the Saint Stage to preserve her kindness that led to her abduction.

Now, Noelle wanted Udine to forget everything that had happened in the past and to prepare herself as they would be on their way to save Lolopechka from Vanica's hands.

Fans are about to see their intense battle when "Black Clover" Chapter 296 releases on Sunday, June 20.