Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have been seen together amid the Kanye West dating rumors. The ex-couple looks amicable to each other as they seem to be showing a harmonious co-parenting relationship.

An eyewitness told E! News Cooper picked Shayk up from her apartment and drove their 4-year-old child Lea to an appointment. The two were seen talking to their daughter as she looked delighted having both of her parents together.

Despite the split, the three looked like a happy family enjoying their sweet bond. It was the first time Copper and Shayk were seen together after rumors about the model's romance with West started to emerge.

In fact, she just recently came back from a vacation with the famed rapper - spending his birthday with her in France. Though these two are allegedly dating, a source told Page Six Shayk still makes sure Lea is her top priority.

"Irina is a very hands-on mother and won't let a new romance distract her from her daughter," the insider reveals.

Fortunately, what she has with West right now is "very casual and laid-back." It doesn't demand too much from her. They're still in the process of getting acquainted, though it can't be denied that there's an incredible spark between them.

The tipster continues that West loves how things are going for them.

Shayk and Cooper started dating in 2015 and ended their romance in 2019. They welcomed their only child in 2017.

Shayk remained mum about their relationship in their four years romance, though she gave a hint about their dynamic after breaking up.

In March, she told Elle she never understood the term co-parenting, knowing she's always giving her 100% as a mother whenever their child is with her. When Lea is with Cooper, the doting dad also gives his 100% to their daughter.

"Co-parenting is parenting," she stresses. However, she avoided questions about their romance - explaining her past relationship is something that belongs to her and considers it private. It's a piece of her inner self that she doesn't want to reveal in public.

Despite that, a different source told Us Weekly raising Lea together is going well for Shayk and Cooper. The terms they have are healthy and they remain respectful of each other.

Sorry for the fans who are still rooting for them; the insider insists they are "better off as friends." Does this mean West is now Shayk's new beau?