Taiwan is recalling some of its representatives in Hong Kong after they were given "unreasonable political preconditions" to stay. Taiwan said Monday it would "adjust" its operations in Hong Kong.

Seven representative officials from Hong Kong have been ordered home. The representatives were asked to sign a One China Principle commitment letter as a requirement for a visa extension.

China considers the island part of the mainland under its One China policy. The China government has repeatedly threatened to bring the island back under its control - through force if necessary. Taiwan says it is a sovereign nation and China should treat it as one.

Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council said the personnel arrived home Monday. The council said the Hong Kong government's "unreasonable political conditions" had prevented its staff from manning their posts.

The council said it would adjust its "business handling method" starting this week. It added it would maintain "necessary operations" at its Hong Kong office despite the cut in staff.

China has repeatedly criticized Taiwan for harboring Hong Kong dissidents, while Taiwan has criticized Hong Kong for passing China's national security law.

China has repeatedly warned Taiwan to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs. Officials said Taiwan might face "severe" punishment if it continues.

In May Hong Kong closed its trade office in Taiwan. Government officials said the decision was made because of Taiwan's continued support of "violent" pro-democracy activists, which they said, "created irretrievable damage" to the two city's relations.

Last week, Macao's government followed suit and announced that it would be closing down its representative office in Taiwan.