China President Xi Jinping criticized the U.S. and its efforts to stifle China's growth in an address to worldwide political parties. Xi said Wednesday political parties should work to oppose those engaging in "technology blockades" and "unilateralism."

Without naming the U.S., Xi accused Western nations of engaging in "hegemony and power politics." The U.S. currently views China as a strategic competitor. The Biden administration has been urging its allies to take a tougher stance against China and its growing influence.

Xi also called on friendly nations such as Serbia, Russia, Cuba and North Korea to help it fight countries aiming to control the worldwide economy.

"Together, we must oppose all acts of unilateralism in the name of multilateralism, hegemony and power politics," Xi said.

During his virtual speech addressing representatives of 500 parties from 160 countries, Xi called on the worldwide community to ensure a better future for mankind. He said countries engaging in "technology blockades" and "development decoupling" are hindering those goals.

Xi's statements echoed those made by China officials in the past - who had accused the U.S. of hampering the nation's development by cutting off its access to capital and technology.

Guo Yezhou, vice minister of the International Department, said China was seeking international "support and companionship."

China's image on the international stage has been tarnished by its handling of Covid-19 and its maritime and territorial disputes with neighbors. Xi has been trying to address those concerns as part of a wider effort to fix its reputation.

A recent survey conducted by U.S.-based Pew Research Center showed the views of people living in 17 advanced economies have remained broadly negative. The survey, which was released Wednesday, showed people were not confident in Xi's governance.