Two of Britney Spears' longtime aides have resigned after giving court testimony. Her court-appointed attorney, Sam Ingham III, has quit as legal counsel while Larry Rudolph stepped down as her manager.

According to People, Ingham filed a resignation with the court this week. The lawyer did not give any reason for his decision, but he and his firm, Loeb & Loeb, LLP., no longer wants to represent the singer.

Ingham has been Spears' attorney for 13 years since her conservatorship. Now, he wants his resignation to be effective as soon as the court has appointed a new counsel.

Ingham's resignation comes a few weeks after Spears made a series of explosive revelations during her court appearance. She said she had no idea that she could file an appeal for her 13-year conservatorship.

The Princess of Pop demanded changes after she was told she had to sit down and undergo another evaluation.

"Ma'am, I didn't know I could petition the conservatorship to end. I honestly didn't know that," she said - addressing Judge Brenda Penny.

The performer believed she did not owe anyone another evaluation as she had done "more than enough."

Talking about Ingham, although she had no ill feelings toward him, Spears only wanted to choose her own attorney who would represent her.

"I haven't really had the opportunity by myself to actually handpick my own lawyer by myself," she said. "And I would like to be able to do that."

On the other hand, Spears' manager for 25 years also steps down after the entertainer has expressed her intention to "officially retire,' Reuters noted. Rudolph does not see the need for him to stay at the pop diva's side.

"As her manager, I believe it is in Britney's best interest for me to resign from her team as my professional services are no longer needed," he said in a letter he sent to her father, Jamie Spears and co-conservator Jodi Montgomery.

The 39-year-old personality has stopped publicly performing since her last world tour ended in October 2018.

In addition, Bessemer Trust, the financial company that helped saw Spears' business affairs, has also dropped out from its role in her conservatorship.

In a statement, it said Spears was on board when it played as her temporary conservator - overlooking her personal and medical affairs. But as she now wants to end her conservatorship, Bessemer Trust intends to finish the deal.