While some industries have undoubtedly struggled during lockdown, others have flourished. The online casino industry has reached new heights never seen before and it is safe to say that the virus has been good to the industry. Here are some of the reasons why online casinos have boomed during lockdown.

They Were in A Good Place to Start With

Businesses that had a huge presence online before the start of the pandemic have been able to capitalize on lockdown quickly. The online casino business already had the infrastructure it needed to do this as the whole industry is based on the internet. Many industries have struggled over the past months because they have had to set up an online presence and then get people to use or interact with their industry online. This created great challenges for many businesses who were not used to working in this way and it has only been businesses that could cope with the necessary changes that survived. The online casino industry was already ahead of the game, so it did not need to make any changes to survive and flourish.


Many people like to bet, and they didn't want to stop doing something they enjoyed that would make them happy during difficult times. Casino clubs, bingo halls, and bookies had to close during lockdown so people who enjoy a flutter had to turn to another way of finding that buzz and many of them turned to online casinos. This meant that they didn't have to give up the hobby they enjoyed, although they did have to find a different way of experiencing it.

Lack of Alternatives

With so many businesses having to shut their doors, there was little in the way of alternative entertainment for people to enjoy. Nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and even sporting alternatives such as Premier League football matches had to shut down leaving people with a lack of things to do. Suddenly people had to think outside the box for their entertainment and this led to a huge rise in the popularity of online casinos. Many people were using online casinos for the first time and business increased dramatically.

Free Time

At the height of the pandemic, millions of people had been furloughed and they all had a lot of free time on their hands and were unable to go out. The free time people had was filled with things they could do from home and streaming services such as Netflix, online chat platforms, and online casino sites became enormously popular.

There were millions of people who, although they weren't furloughed were forced to work from home for a long period during the pandemic. This meant that they no longer had to commute twice a day, which gave them more free time. Many of these people turned to online gambling to relieve the monotony at times when they were not used to being at home for work.


There was a huge rise in stress and mental health problems during lockdown as people were expected to live in ways that were totally alien to their lives before the pandemic. Humans are social beings and a lot of people struggled with the lack of day-to-day contact with others. Many people live alone or needed to shield during lockdown and this lack of social interaction was very stressful. Everyone needed a way to relieve that stress and many of them turned to online casinos as a way to de-stress and learn to make the most of trying to live without social interaction.


There was a lot of bad news during lockdown and some days that is all there was. Reports of people dying in their thousands caused widespread anxiety. The victims all were someone's relatives or friends, which was horrifying. Everyone was scared and many people were grieving loved ones they had lost. The longing for a bit of good news or good luck could be overwhelming. Online casinos were a way of people trying to bring themselves good luck in desperate times. Someone had to win at the slot machines or the roulette wheel, and many people wanted it to be them. Those that had lost their jobs wanted to use the casinos to cheer themselves up and those who had managed to hang on to their jobs just wanted a little good luck and a reason to smile. Online casinos offered them hope. No wonder they became so popular during the pandemic.

Online casinos gave many people a reason to get out of bed in the morning and brought them some happiness. It is one of the few experiences that could be enjoyed during lockdown. It is no surprise that online casinos boomed during the lockdown period, and this trend is likely to continue for a long time.