Fans love Tatsuki Fujimoto's new offering, the "Chainsaw Man" one-shot manga. As viewers and readers alike wait for the manga's second part and its anime adaptation's releases, this new story is a great treat for everyone.

The first part of the manga ended last year, so everyone is now looking forward to seeing "Chainsaw Man" Part 2. As this is believed to be in the works, Fujimoto is now busy working on other projects, like this one-shot manga.

According to Comicbook, it was a big surprise to many when Fujimoto announced his special one-shot manga release. Titled "Look Back," it is a story that sprawls more than 140 pages - featuring two children who aspire to be manga creators.

It depicts their lives in different ways with a lot of twists and turns that feature a surprising end. Though it has nothing to do with Fujimoto's original manga, it has become a huge hit.

"I don't know how Fujimoto does it, but this makes me even more excited to see how 'Chainsaw Man' Part 2 evolves," one fan said. "A simple one-shot that feels utterly heavy hearted, suffocating, yet beautiful to read."

Another called Fujimoto a genius for perfectly capturing the struggle of wanting to be an artist. From childhood jealousy to the change of motivation, drive and pain, the story tells the beauty of chasing an impossible dream.

Anyhow, a different fan saw the connection between "Look Back" and the upcoming "Chainsaw Man" Part 2. He said Fujimoto seemed to say he is now working on the series with this one-shot manga.

"Look Back" follows the story of two elementary students who start drawing four-panel comics in their school newspaper. It shows their creative rivalry, growth and inability to change the past.

Siliconera noted this one-shot is unrelated to the worldbuilding of "Chainsaw Man," but an emotional coming-of-age story that is quite like a semi-autobiographical. However, it included references to the manga creator's original manga and his past works through the background art.

Fujimoto's younger sister thanked everyone who helped create her brother's stead on Twitter. These artists have worked on other Shonen Jump+ series and one-shots, like "Dandadan" and "Doctor Mermaid."

Meanwhile, the "Chainsaw Man" anime adaptation would soon come, produced by the "Jujutsu Kaisen" studio, MAPPA. The studio recently released the film's official trailer last month and gave fans a complete look at the animated form of the franchise's signature gore and action scenes.

Anyhow, there are no words yet on the release of both "Chainsaw Man" Part 2 and its anime series.